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We made some videos you guys

Watch them and see how this game has been made, and feel happiness

Space Game Junkie Podcast

We get to go in depth with the newest build of our game with our friends at Space Game Junkie!


Weekly Video Number Nine

We explore the exciting opportunities of colony management.

Like, is it better to enslave the natives of a distant world, or contact them peacefully?

FIG Submission Video

This video introduces ship customization, research, civilization selection and more.

This is still a pre-alpha build but we are rapidly approaching alpha.  Dialog, crew management and tactical combat improvements soon to come!

Combat Animations!

We show off our new animation system.

Soon to come: colonization, missions and inventory

All animations are in game and happen in the same map you play in.


We talk about space

And show cool gameplay footage

Pretty nebulae

Soon to come!  Fight scenes!  Colonization!  Dynamic Missions!


In this video: We pitch the game at you.

Wet Paint

Sweet looking stars

Planets with colored terrain

It looks almost nice

Those images are free ones we got off Wikipedia.  We love Wikipedia.

In Your Interface

User interface

Flashy new commerce system

Improved star systems

Check it out.

Space Without End

Space goes forever

Into the inky nothing

But I guess there's stars

Unlike some games that promise an expansive map but then it's limited, Descendants has a truly infinite map.

Shipping Lanes

We made shipping lanes

You can see how we did it

There's a nice download

A video showcasing progress from 9/16/2014 to 9/23/2014. You can download the demo program from the following URLs:




Orbital Placement Demo

Placing ships into rings

Around planets, in orbits

Using repulsion

This is the first entry in our weekly video development blog. Don't forget to send your feedback to us at You can download the demo scene from the video at the following URLs:





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